5 beauty secrets from makeup artists

Here are some of the best tips that the makeup artist give to amp up your beauty: –

1. Beauty blender is your Savior all the way

A beauty blender is the most commonly found tool in any person‘s make up kit, and definitely the most underrated one as well. This indispensable sponge single-handedly takes the job of multiple blending and contouring brushes. You can use it not only for contouring your face but also for setting the base of your make up with the foundation. Most makeup artist guarantee an amazing finish your make up if you use the beauty blender in the right way. They not only provide even application of concealer and foundation on your skin but also make it foolproof to blend with the rest of the make up easily. Just slightly damping the beauty blender, can work miracles on your face.


2. Color correction can be your ultimate best friend

Color correctors effectively and seamlessly cover the zip, sports and the dark patches on your face and create an amazing days for your foundation. It can be used for all kinds of skin problems like discoloration, dark circles, dullness, dark spots, pimples, bruises et cetera. Most professional makeup artist swear by the color correct the routine before you start your make up, as it helps in utilizing the skin and rubbing your skin before applying concealer or foundation. With a variety of color options for covering up different kinds of irregularities on your face, you can find the solution to practically any skin problem. For example green color corrector neutralizes redness on your face, the peach color corrector helps in hiding the dark circles and yellow color corrector cancel the blue and purple tones on your face.



3. Eyeliner for the win

Eyeliner can definitely make a big difference to your whole look, especially if you have good amount of makeup on. It enhances your eyes and adds a unique dimension to the beauty of your eyes.

With so many different ideas to choose from, like:-

● Upturned eyes

Apply thin eyeliner with a small wing.

● Downturned eyes

Apply a thin liner in the inner corner and make the outer corner thicker with the wing.

● Almond eyes

Apply thick upwards and outwards winged liner.

● Monolid eyes

Apply thick eyeliner with the bold wing.

● Round Eyes

Create a triangle shape winged liner.

● Hooded eyes

Apply thin eyeliner from the tear duct area and end with a small thicker wing. You can have any kind of eyes and you can find any kind of wing for the eyes that suits you the best.


4. Prepping with serums

One of the best ways to prep your skin for makeup is to use the right kind of serum for your face. Even the best kind of foundation, concealer or contour cannot hide the roughness and dryness of your skin, but simply adding vitamin c serum or any other serum that works best for your skin can work wonders on your face even as a base before the makeup.


5. Keep makeup colors in sync

One of the biggest mistakes women make when trying new makeup color is combining warm and cool tones without any real strategy. If you use cool tones on eyes, choose a cool lip color; if you opt for warm tones on eyes, choose a warm lip color, Same goes for blush. The one warm item that works for both cool and warm is bronzer. Sounds like a small thing, but it makes a big difference in pulling a look together.” Cool eye makeup colors like blues, greens, purples and chilly grays look best with cool lip colors like blue-reds, rosy pinks, berries and plums. Warm eye makeup colors like golden browns, copper, bronze and terra cotta look great with warm lip colors like orangey reds, peachy-pinks and corals. That's the general idea, although any cool eye shadow color can be warmed up. Layering a sheer gold or soft brown over a violet shadow warms it up, and a cool gray or silvery shadow over a brown cools it down.

Match color shade

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